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  • What to focus on as an Interbank Trader

    What to focus on as an Interbank Trader

    The Market Efficiency Paradigm The Market Efficiency Paradigm is a way of looking at financial markets for what they really are. To understand this paradigm, we need to break it down into three components: Smart Money Smart Money is a term used to describe Central Banks that have complete control over prices, and Interbank Traders…

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  • ICT 2022 Mentorship: Ends Series

    ICT 2022 Mentorship: Ends Series

    By utilizing the knowledge and tools provided through the ICT 2022 Mentorship program, you now have the ability to identify profitable trades in the markets and apply practical, real-life strategies to your trading endeavors. This will allow you to gain clarity with your income and expenses and set realistic goals that can benefit your life…

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  • ICT Month 1 Core Content: How Market Makers Condition The Markets

    ICT Month 1 Core Content: How Market Makers Condition The Markets

    “New Aspiring Traders are often part of the group known as ‘Speculative Uninformed Money’. This group has no awareness that there is another group, known as ‘Smart Money’, that truly controls the market. Many in this group believe that they can control the market via Supply and Demand, believing that the quantity of Speculative Uninformed…

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  • Balanced Price Range Theory

    Balanced Price Range Theory

    Inner Circle Trader is the founder of all concepts mentioned in this blog. Learn more Inner Circle Trader: Michael J. HuddlestonYou can check out his official social media profiles here: Twitter: @I_Am_The_ICT YouTube: @InnerCircleTrader BRAVEHEART TRADING:Dedicated to Freedom and for Reaching Your Full Trading Potential!Twitter: @BraveheartTrade YouTube: @BraveheartTrading Instagram: @Braveheart_Trading Disclaimer: None of the contents…

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  • ICT Month 1 Core Content: Elements of a Trade Setup

    ICT Month 1 Core Content: Elements of a Trade Setup

    The market is manipulated by an algorithm, known as IPDA, and it’s footprints can be easily spotted within price action. Recognizing these fingerprints is the development of an anticipatory skill set. The fingerprints left by the IPA are based on the four elements: expansion, retracement, reversal, and consolidation (accumulation). By understanding these elements and the…

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  • How to use FVG Flips

    How to use FVG Flips

    Retail traditional technical analysis is a method of analyzing markets and making trades based on the patterns and trends found in price action. One key aspect of this approach is identifying levels of support and resistance, which can indicate potential turning points or price reversal. However, retail traders often struggle with identifying proper support and…

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